If there is anybody who can update website ?
Go home Gondolin. You're drunk.
i'm reinstalling wow cal. i can join mythic raids now right? :)
This website is dated af.
Wth new fucking scdeenshots

We Were Prepared

Caleron a posted Jun 8, 17

Highscore Congrats everybody again !!!

Elisande Timed Out

Wynds a posted May 9, 17

And then there was one.

Highscore Where is the grp screenshot tho

Mythic Skorpyron Exterminated

Wynds a posted Feb 10, 17

Why was this guy even here? Why did we kill him? He wasn't alive long enough for us to find out.

Wynds a Well maybe if the official screenshot taker didn't keep benching himself...
Caleron a This is not a good screenshot.
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